Big Data Developer

If you are interested in working in a fast-paced environment, always experimenting with the latest tools and technologies, eager to apply your BigData skills to drive the business forward, then this is the job for you!


The project is a platform for managing a fleet of millions of SIMs, the main focus being tracking, processing, and interrogating the traffic data in order to obtain reports that bring value to the customers.


What we do:

-         Processing traffic data and issuing reports for our clients (Scala, Spark, ElasticSearch, S3, Cassandra).

-         Moving from a batch processing to a streaming architecture (Scala, Spark structured streaming, Kafka).

-         Implementing a module for triggering alarms in near real-time (Scala, Spark)

-         Building REST APIs needed by other services. (Java, Spring Boot)

But these are just a couple of examples! If you want to know more, we invite you to our headquarters for a chat!


What we bring:

· A relaxed and friendly environment in which you can grow

· Trainings and conferences to better developer your skills

· We encourage moving on to new technologies so you can keep up with the future of technology!

· Agile environment in which we welcome changes and adapt to any situation

· Self-organizing teams

· Great benefits (too long to list actually!)


What you bring:

· Experience working with Java (Scala is nice to have).

. Experience working with NoSql databases.

. Passion for functional programming and distributed processing (previous experience with Spark/Hadoop is highly valuable)

. Previous working experience with BigData frameworks and tools is preferred.

. Previous experience with web development is a plus.

· Interest in Big Data technologies.

· Eagerness to learn new technologies.


Thank you for applying! 


Număr Post: AIAN018291

Localitate: Bucuresti

Dată limită: 7 februarie 2020