Contract Manager

The contract manager’s task is to ensure consistent management  of all proposals and contracts. This generally includes oversight of  the contract management process, as well as development of  specific standards for bidding and submission, contract negotiations and document management.


  • Identifies potential activities and situations that might require contracts and agreements and coordinates with all parties, as needed.
  • Define and update contract management process flow
  • Define and update contract management tools and templates
  • Ensure implementation of contract management governance for all customers and suppliers
  • Verify compliance of contract management process flow for all customers and suppliers
  • Conducts detailed review of all contracts
  • Prepares and reviews contract drafts and agreements to ensure accuracy and completeness
  • Incorporates revisions made by various parties of the contracts and agreements.
  • Ensures that invoices are submitted according to contract provisions.
  • Maintains close relation with service delivery managers to ensure that services are provided in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract.
  • Reviews the terms and conditions of each expiring contract/agreement
  • Ensures that reviews of expiring contracts are conducted prior to expiration and recommendations for renewal/nonrenewable are made in a timely fashion.
  • Prepares correspondence, memos, summaries and issue papers in accordance with established formats and specified timelines.
  • Develops and cultivates effective working relationships with a wide variety of contacts to facilitate accomplishing the Company's goals and objectives.
  • Establish and maintain supplier relationships by serving as a single point of contact for contractual matters  
  • Maintains close relation with contract supervisor
  • Manage record keeping (related correspondence and documentation )for all contracts
  • Communicate contract-related information to all stakeholders



  • Prior work experience in a contract management role, such  as purchasing or contracting.
  • Proficiency in utilizing and interpreting financial models  and analyses.
  • Experience in applying organizational standards when  developing requests for proposals, negotiating terms and  drafting contracts.
  • Ability to systematically analyze complex problems, draw  relevant conclusions and implement appropriate solutions.
  • Strong verbal and written skills, and ability to convey complex information in a way that others can readily follow.
  • Excellent negotiating and persuasive skills, both in one-on- one and group situations.



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