Field Device testing engineer

Job purpose:

Testing the radio performance of all the devices or prototypes of devices on field.

Services done my our local team:

  IOT testing on testbed: performing protocol validation testing through different radio scenarios: attachment, mobility intra/inter frequency, intra/inter RAT, CSFB, VoLTE/VoWiFi using protocol analyzers such as Huawei NW monitor tool or specific device log tool (QXDM, HiDS, ShannonDM, MTKlogger…)

  IOT testing on field: performing in a live environment functional validation – basic mobility scenarios – and performance measurements-latency, throughput-through drive testing

*IOT = interoperability

Main activities/deliverables for Delivery activities:

-  Perform the tests according to the weekly activity planning provided by COP

-  Enter results and related defects into COP Quality Center

-  If necessary perform some complementary investigations and/or trace logging to better characterize defects

-  Report on activity (availability of testing means, performed tests) on a weekly basis

-  Logistic:

o  Sample: management, SW upgrade

o  Request car for field testing + driver from OSE partners (no specific qualification required except driving license)


Main activities for Technologies activities:

-  Contribute to development of validation strategy for new technologies and features related to network

-  Support to investigate some issues (IOT mainly with Huawei) with devices in early testing phases


Experience required: 

 •  Good knowledge of GSM, UMTS and LTE architecture

•  Experience in functional testing of new radio devices like phones, tablets, MBBs, CPEs

•  Knowledge of radio protocols

•  Experience with 3GPP, GSM Association specifications

•  Basic knowledge of Linux server systems

•  Basic networking knowledge (TCP/IP, Routing protocols etc.

•  Good speaking and writing English skills

•  Analytical thinking and attention to details


Special skills:       

•  Knowledge of any device tracing tools like: QXDM, HiDS, Logel, Shannon DM is a plus

•  Modem commands like: adb and AT commands

•  Huawei network monitoring tool (U200 or U2020)

•  Communication skills 

Education and qualifications required

  • University Degree (Telecom or Computer Science profiles)


Număr Post: JXAM918104

Localitate: Bucuresti

Dată limită: 22/11/2019