Fullstack Developer Engineer

Orange Romania’s Digital Platforms team is looking for a new colleague to help build web applications dedicated directly to Orange customers and published on www.orange.ro .


You will join and grow in our team as part of the IT development division which counts more than 100 software development professionals. Our developers and architects constantly meet up to share their technical experiences from their projects. You will have the opportunity to engage in conversations around modern software practices, new tools or solutions that worked or not for us and to validate your assumptions around a particular difficult problem that you encountered.


We do both mobile and web development and we toy around with the coolest frameworks, programming languages and concepts such as Spring Boot, Bootstrap, Swift, Angular, OpenId Connect OAuth2, Docker + Rancher, Apache Kafka, Redis, responsive design, automated testing (Selenium, JMeter). Our tools of choice are IntelliJ/Webstorm, Teamcity, Artifactory, JIRA and Confluence, but you are free to use whatever you are most productive in.


You will work on developing applications for www.orange.ro portal (online shop and myorange self-service portal) to keep the customers informed and engaged. We build everything based on a microservices architecture and we have automation for every step from build to deployment in live. We keep a close eye on the performance of the applications and monitor everything that counts.


The colleagues with whom you will interact are architects, business analysts, project managers, quality assurance engineers, other software developers, Ops teams and product owners.


Who you are:


Fullstack JavaScript engineer experienced in developing Single Page Applications (SPA's) which communicate with backends via REST API's.


The environment is test driven (TDD), focusing on clean code the continuous integration principles.


A typical app (like our EShop platform) contains:


  • Node.js (for mocking) and Java for real backend services;
  • NPM for package management;
  • AngularCLI for task management;
  • Typescript as the programming language;
  • jsLint handles code quality;
  • Angular 4-6 as the framework of choice with ngRx for state management, but we don't fear to use React in certain projects;
  • Jasmine and Karma for unit testing;
  • Version control using Git;
  • TeamCity for continuous integration of front end apps and testing;
  • JIRA for requests tracking and Scrum board management;


In terms of Front end UI we rely mainly on Bootstrap, HTML 5 and CSS3.

Your work will impact the digital experience of over 10 million people, and counting.


Thank you for applying!


Număr Post: KMAS817147

Localitate: Bucuresti

Dată limită: 28/02/2019