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Gamification Expert [Orange Money]


Job Purpose

You'll be in charge with reviewing constantly the mobile app (future web app as well) in order to improve constantly user engagement, interaction, sharing through gamification.

The deliverable consist in a Yearly Gamification Plan to be put in place with various initiatives meant to engage our customer in continuous contests & challenges that will engage, motivate and inspire.


Goals for the Gamification Expert:

  • Engage and motivate customer to increase the use the app;
  • Transform operational steps, non-directly added value steps from customer perspective into an unmatched customer experience
  • Identify and implement a robust, low-cost array of merchandise, gift cards, national and local discounts, daily deals, auctions, sweepstakes, games and rewards solution that drive high engagement and a balanced earn and burn engagement mechanism
  • design member engagement and gamification programs that optimize use of the application
  • analyse performance metrics and apply best practice design principles to optimize programs to consistently meet key program performance indicators
  • guide the development and implementation of creative assets across multiple channels including but not limited to: email, web, mobile, and community
  • work closely with internal and external communication agency resources to design rewards and support gamification efforts.

You’ll put in place:

  • functional proposition
  • technical proposition
  • Iterative implementation of the solution

Part of the requirements are also:

  • Reporting and measurement
  • Collecting metrics before/after to fine-tune the process and evaluate efficiency
  • That the development process will follow a simplified Agile methodology

Specific Competencies

We are looking for:

  • 5+ years of proven experience in game design, production design, loyalty marketing, direct marketing, e-commerce marketing
  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing or communications required
  • Expert knowledge of behaviour modification, segmentation, motivational theory, rewards and recognition, and gamification strategies
  • Proven knowledge of best practices in customer engagement and member lifecycle programs spanning a wide variety of channels including email, print, web, mobile, community/social media
  • Understanding of how to develop and monitor key performance metrics to drive marketing campaign and program performance
  • Excellent decision-making skills to identify, prioritize, and articulate the highest impact initiatives. Filter and focus to spend effort in ways that will most efficiently move projects forward leveraging cross-functional groups
  • Self-motivated, innovative thinker who knows focused execution is the key to success
  • Individual who is creative, accountable, and comfortable working independently or as part of a team
  • Execute appropriate sense of urgency in a fast-paced, dynamic environment
  • Excellent written and verbal communication, presentation, negotiation, and influencing skills
  • Eagerness to understand the latest trends, learn new methods and technologies, and a passion to consistently trial new programs
  • Collaborative, upbeat work ethic where you take ownership and have fun

As a member of Product Management team the person will be working closely with:

  • Our current and future customers
  • Our team of expert product managers
  • Customer Experience passionate colleagues
  • UX/UI colleagues in IT Division

Dată limită: 02/03/2018


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