IT/CRM Fullstack Software Developer

Orange Romania’s IT CRM Development team is looking for a colleague to build applications for a large and business critical functional area in company IT eco-system.

Who we are:

We cover solutions for customer self-service (all except online/web portal), customer information management,commercial products management, collection, provisioning across all other solutions in IT systems and also core network (GSM) solutions.

Large number of requests (from customers, business agents, technical signals) transformed by a complex business logic are daily passing through our provisioning solutions. Our efficient and cost effective architecture (internal established and sustained)allow us to deliver implementations in a big organization with a speed that make also some start-ups to be jealous about.

Providing back-end services for other functional domains (online / sales / ERP / billing) and also integration with external partners are also subjects that put us in the position of a key technical stakeholder in company big & priority projects.

If you are an Orange Romania customer is impossible not to already have used some of our solutions.

From technical perspective we are fluent and sometimes very fluent in Java (we prefer mainly the open source path– spring), we know very well to persist and manage our data and business logic in relational databases (SQL holds no secret towards us, ORMs frameworks are not sufficient in our case). We are specialists in back-ends but we are also developing front-ends (angular / bootstrap / material) used by thousands of customer service and sales agents.

About 20 colleagues are in charge with those tasks.

What we expect from you:

· have proper skills and experience and/or education to be a good IT professional

· be passionate about technology but also you like to see the positive outcome of your deliverables in business processes and products (& services) used by clients

· be able to work comfortably in a fast-changing environment on interesting technical challenges

· have a strong ownership of the solutions / applications you develop and challenge both technical and business / logical aspects

· document and test your code

· main technologies you should know or you should be able to learn from/with us are:


   § core programming skills : OOP, threads, collections, data structures, JPA, Web Services (SOAP / Rest), JMS, JUnit

   § web back-ends : servlets, JSP, automated tests, REST design principles

   § frameworks : Spring (different modules : core – context/beans, security,boot, MVC, JMS, JDBC, AOP)


   § Angular (1.x and 4.x), Typescript, design patterns JS, Bootstrap and/orMaterial, AJAX, CSS

   § Fine-tune web applications (improve data management / response time orsolve browser compatibility issues) , component based development

SQL (basic)

· Various other frameworks / technologies are also used in particular projects or at least tested by us: REDIS, Kafka, continuous integration tools, containers(Docker), no-SQL (Mongo), Elastic Search.


We are adapting our requirements and projects that you’ll be responsible based on your profile / experience and we try to maintain a friendly environment where you can grow.

We encourage collaboration, were view the technologies used and we constantly transform our legacy applications.

You can try & learn other technologies.



Număr Post: AWAN018370

Localitate: Bucuresti

Dată limită: 21/02/2020