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Junior Enterprise System Administrator (Linux)

Determinat/Full time, 1 an

For the last 20 years, Orange is the leading telecommunication company in Romania. We believe you have heard of us, the question is who are you?

Linux/UNIX systems, Storage & SAN, clustering solutions, automation development or backup solutions, cloud administration or virtualization. If any of these are familiar to you or sound really attractive, we may have a proposal for you. The Enterprise Infrastructure Team is looking for a young colleague to join them. You may have the chance to administrate the entire Orange Romania UNIX infrastructure, basically the lowest level that supports the daily Orange activity. Sounds big? It is.

Advantages our next trainee will enjoy:

  • A large scale of technologies to learn about. There is no chance one can get bored;
  • The opportunity to focus on what he is good at and enjoys the most;
  • The chance to learn from IT experts;
  • Flexibility within the schedule and means of work;
  • Dedicated projects that will highlight skills and knowledge;
  • The opportunity to grow inside the team.

How you will know you will be good at this:

  • You are eager to learn new technologies that support one the most desired jobs on today’s IT market;
  • You are curious and used to think outside the box;
  • You have a continuous will of self-improvement and a proactive way of taking actions;
  • You possess a  “can do or will try my very best to DO” attitude;
  • You are not afraid of challenges that get greater in time;
  • You have installed a Linux Virtual Machine on your personal computer and have enjoyed playing with it :)

You will also need to:

  • Be graduated from a technical faculty (such as Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology, Automatic Control and Computer Science, Cybernetics);
  • Have good speaking and writing English skills;
  • Have good communication skills;
  • Show analytical thinking and attention to details, gained in participating to different projects and activities either curricular or extra-curricular
  • Basic knowledge of Linux & Windows server systems;
  • Basic knowledge of virtualization concepts and solutions;
  • Basic networking knowledge (TCP/IP, Routing protocols etc.)

In case you do not have the necessary experience or you haven’t had the opportunity to learn and develop the required skills, but you are willing to learn and you are permanently concerned to do more, come and meet us. Show us and prove your motivation and your desire to learn and to develop yourself in a challenging environment.

We’ll offer you every possible way of learning and improving your skills, from coaching inside the team or with other teams to online and in-class courses. And at the end of your one year traineeship program, there will be the possibility to become a permanent employee.

If you want to start BIG your IT career, here is the place. 

Dată limită: 19 September 2017


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