Orange Money CEO Assistant

Job Objective:

Ensures the executive support ( handling phone calls,correspondence classification, organizing agendas for meetings in/ outside the office, preparation of meetings logistics) for the Orange Money General Manager  and for the General Manager direct reports.

Provides them the proper support in their regular/ current non- administrative activities.

Might provide the first expert contact on the specific issues of the (sub) department where she performs or might give guidance towards the specialized colleague.

Job's main responsibilities:

  • Acts as interface between the (sub) department where she/he performs and the other departments of the company
  • Analyzes and solves the requests for access to (sub)department's specific sites
  • Performs various orders/ requests EDP ( e.g. stationery) for the line- manager and his direct reports
  • Provides support to the General Manager  and General Manager’s direct reports in their regular activities ( e.g. printing documents, preparation for presentations ,writing memos, etc)
  • Provides support to the line- manager on other administrative tasks ( e.g. flight reservations, hotel reservations for missions, debts discharge, etc)
  • Writes and/ or translates various documents
  • Creates, organizes and updates the General Manager’s specific database ( e.g. contracts' and dossiers' directory, listing of services'suppliers, etc)
  • Preliminary checks the documents taken in her responsibility - for text accuracy, annexes, signatures, payment terms, etc
  • Organizes the archive : contracts, correspondence,dossiers, company's documents
  • Manages the correspondence
  • Plans and organizes the daily activities: General Manager’s agenda and department's agenda
  • Gets in touch and keeps contact with various third parties: either companies ( e.g. law firms, recruitment agencies, authorities, etc) or individuals and ensures good collaboration and relationships with them



  • Makes reports for internal use Orange or for Orange Group( including Power Point presentations)
  • Makes reports for third parties ( e.g. auditors,authorities, etc)
  • Prepares documentation required by third parties


Professional Knowledge:

  • MS Office
  • English language - fluently
  • French language is a plus.

Specific Skills:

  • Teamwork
  • Results orientation
  • Initiative and pro-activity
  • Communication skills
  • Capacity to progress
  • Customer focus
  • Rigour
  • Planning and organising
  • Problem-solving


Other infos:

Hiring Manager: Haris Hanif

Recruiter: Claudia Pirvu

Fixed- term employment contract : 2 years


All applications will be screened and best matching profiles will be contacted.

Thank you!

Determinat/Full time

Număr Post: HZCN917928

Localitate: Bucuresti

Dată limită: 21/09/2019